We are always set up to build up any business from scratch

This is what makes us unique in the market. What companies do is give initial service and then are not able to provide an ongoing support. What we specialize is nourish any business from the beginning. So in totality, once you hand over you business to us, it is being treated as our own baby and we make sure it grows well. This is the main reason why we do not treat 'satisfaction' as a cliche.

See what we can do with your business

Professional Website Design

You do not have to give a second thought to avail our popular, fully customizable web design service.

Multi Channel Integration

You can integrate your Ebay, Amazon, Play.com and many other platforms and can manage your orders from a common platform.

Multi Channel Inventory Management

You can manage a common inventory for all your platforms, saving plethora of time.

Search Engine Optimization

Not only do we design your website, we also market it for you at an optimal price.

“I rendered the responsibility of designing and marketing my website to Hrim Tech Solutions. And they proved me right”

- Barry Tong

Why Choose Us?

Send us your query and let us take over your concern.*

About us

We are specialize in improving ecommerce businesses for clients in a variety of fields like e-cigarettes, clothing and fashion, fancy dress, phones and so on.

What differentiates us is that we are not a single service company. When we take on any business, we put our sweat in to improve their overall business. We take finite responsibility of their sales and to provide them 24x7 services. We have personalized relations with all our clients and consider them part of Hrim Tech family.

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